Ügyészek Országos Egyesülete







The object of our Association is to advocate and represent the professional interest of Members and the Prosecutorial Profession. To promote these objects the Association displays various activities, e.g.

  • represents collective and individual professional interests - including existential and financial interests - within the Prosecution Service;

  • represents the corporate interest of prosecutors in front of Social- or State organs also in partnership with the management of the Office;

  • examines the attacks against its Members and the Prosecution Service and, takes a commitment;

  • plays watch-dog role when monitors compliance of its Members with the ethical standards of the Prosecution;

  • safeguards and strengthens the implementation of the constitutional guaranties of prosecutors’ autonomy.


In pursuit of the aims the Association is co-operating with other social organizations and interest representing and advocating bodies of the Prosecution Service.


In order to facilitate the realization of professional-, scientific-, educational-, social-, cultural-, and sports needs of members, the Association

  • allocates funds to support its objects,

  • contributes to the education and training of its Members and furthers self-education;

  • supports the academic activity of Members including invitations to academic tenders,

  • organises and stimulates the artistic and cultural pursuit of Members also by providing the organizational frames for such actions,

  • seeks sporting activities to promote health maintenance and healthy lifestyle endeavours, organises and supports such types of programs;

  • establishes and maintains bilateral and multilateral international connections and cooperation; HAP – also as a founding member of the International Association of Prosecutors, – supports the mission of IAP, with Ex Co membership and participation on it’s Regional - and Worldwide Conferences;

  • founds and donates awards and acknowledgements;


The association fosters the permanent modernization of the Prosecution Service; in order to implement that organizational structure should be in consistence with the tasks;


Keeping these in mind the Association:

  • announces its corporate opinion on draft laws as regards the Prosecution Service,

  • provides draft models on the regulation of the Prosecution Service and prosecutors activity.